Friday, January 2, 2009


This is pretty old news but worth adding to our list of details.

Aside from selecting the church, our photographer was one of the first things we were able to nail down. This came about through an otherwise useless afternoon at one of those cheesy bridal expos at the LA convention center. John spent the whole time trolling the room for free cake samples while I beat off salespeople with a stick. The only booth were we saw anything of interest was the one for Mark Brooke photography. I wasn't really there to pick a photographer but their work totally caught our attention.

We quickly made an appointment to meet with them. They are a husband and wife team who live in orange county and are some of the sweetest people we have met. Their names are Mark and Candice. I have attached their website for your viewing pleasure. With John being an artist, we really needed someone with an artistic eye to capture our day. No 80's prom photography. As you can see from their site (which runs a little slow sometimes) their style is much more photo-journalistic than the average photographers and they do a lot of interesting in lens effects. They weren't cheap but worth every penny.

Don't worry mom we will get some normal line-up-and-smile shots too ;)