Friday, June 12, 2009

DIY destruction!

I have converted our living room into a fulfillment facility! haha :)

There is an awful lot of dirt, spray paint, ceramics, and wire all over the place.

I won't go into any more details because I want it to be a surprise for some but just know that a lot of love has gone into a little something for each of our guests.

I've been having tooooooo much fun with this project and am so excited with how well it is turning out. GO ME!

My last final for a while.

As some of you have heard I finished my last final on Wednesday. Hopefully I did OK. I'm sure I did but a little self doubt seems to keep me on my toes.

Some have asked if I have "graduated" from SMC then. Not exactly...

There are two paths or "tracks" to choose from at the junior college level. You can either fulfill all the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree or you can fulfill the requirements to transfer into whatever program you will enter at the university level. I chose the latter because if I went the AA rout I would end up taking a lot of classes that don't really pertain to my major and I have every intention of transferring to a 4 year school anyways. Plus an AA degree is really just a fancy high school diploma these days.

After this last class I have now fulfilled all the credit requirements to transfer to a UC school (UCLA, Berkley, UCSD, etc). If I go to a Cal State school I may have to take one more public speaking course to fulfill their requirements. Needless to say if I don't have to take that class I will avoid it like the plague.

No I have not applied to schools yet but considering I have a 4.0 GPA with no less than a 4.0 in every class I have taken, I have been on the dean's list every semester I've gone to SMC, I have been on the national dean's list as well, and I've done this while working full time .. not really worried about getting into a university.

My delay in applying to schools has been because of the wedding. I just don't have any more time to take on other projects so I've opted to attack the whole school application process after the wedding. Plus it takes money to apply to schools and mine has been spent on other things of late :)

Who knows where I will end up going especially if John and I move away for a little while. But wherever I go it will be an exciting change that I am definitely ready for.