Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exploring the local goods

John and I have been exploring our hood lately. We fell into a rut where we would only go to the same three restaurants and order the same three things over and over. This is really a shame considering there are a million places to go within walking distance. Our top picks include the following....
Orris is a tapas joint on Sawtell that is kinda French and Asian fusion/kinda "How the heck did they come up with this?" For example one of the dishes was grilled romaine lettuce with shaved parmesan on top. Strange sounding but really good! We went there with Irene, Dave and Dave's brother the other night. I love tapas because I always want one bite of everything on the menu. Plus tapas is fun to have with a group of people.
I think I was drawn to this place because I misread it as Queso which is cheese in Spanish LOL! After reading the blurb on the front of their menu "Qusqo" is a kind of language spoken by the descendants of the Incas in Peru. We quickly found that this restaurant leans towards rustic Peruvian dishes. They also attempt to be an art gallery but what they lack in artistic taste they make up for in their food. After eating so much Mexican food it was nice to have a different spin on Latin grub. For instance I had a tamale appetizer that instead of carnitas or cheese was filled with roasted peppers and hearts of palm. Good stuff. We also enjoyed the oldschool pre-Snow White Disney cartoons they projected on the wall. Be warned though, the lemonade is not free for refills, we won't be making that mistake again.

This is a dumb one but ....
I have been having serious cravings. If my dress fits tight I have this place to blame. I can't help it. They are 3 blocks away and open till 12:00am on weeknights and 1:00am on weekends. I don't understand why everyone has to sample every single flavor though. It takes us 20 times longer than it should to get through the line. But its worth it :)

One place we tried that didn't quite make the cut was ...
It was ok and actually at the time it was part of a perfect evening for us but the blend of Japanese and Italian was a little disjointed. We like being able to sit outside on a summer night though.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My foodie bridesmaid Ryann would not take the description "Beef" or "Chicken" for an answer which made me realize I should probably put the whole menu on here for the rest of you to make your choices with. Sorry about that. We obviously couldn't fit all of this on the RSVP card.

First Course:

- Organic Mixed Greens Salad
(Farmers market vegetables, white balsamic vinaigrette)
- Dinner rolls and Fresh bread

Second Course:

- Telicherry Pepper Crusted Chicken
(Glazed russet potatoes, swiss chard and pomegranate glaze)
- Top Sirloin
(Cheddar-leek potato puree, haricots vert and madeira jus)
- Organic Grilled Vegetable Roulade
(Fire roasted tomato sauce)

Third Course:

- Spice Carrot Cake
(Buttercream frosting and cream cheese or pineapple mouse filling)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's a Hotpocket?

We kid we kid!!!!

As you may have seen there is a hotpocket option for our meal service. It amazes me that some of you have never experienced this culinary marvel of our grab-and-go society. For those who haven't let me explain ....

A hotpocket is really neither a pocket nor hot but claims to be both. It is a lard-based pastry containing a variety of mystery meat and punched-out vegetable shapes suspended in some kind of genetically enhanced dairy sauce which is then frozen and individually wrapped for consumption many years in the future after it is stored on some freezer shelf at Costco with 67 of its friends.

When one decides that real food just isn't good enough, the consumer unwraps this morsel of modern technology, inserts it into the provided "Crisper Sleeve", which is really just a piece of cardstock with holes in the side that spew out geysers of molten dairy sauce, and nuke it in the microwave for a few minutes. When the bell rings what you find is a mess of split-seam pastry and sauce that now has to be surgically removed from the paper sock it has bonded to. You must be careful though! Only take small bites because the edges are comparable to the surface of the sun and can burn the skin off the roof of your mouth. Just when you get beyond the outer lava ring you will find an equally unpleasant core of solid ice.

Clearly we would not subject you all to such torture. We were devising a plan to actually have the servers bring hotpockets to the tables for the smartasses who selected that option but we don't have any more time to plan it. Either way I hope you are entertained by our little sarcastic joke. I know were are! haha! John and I can never be accused of taking ourselves too seriously. :)


September 5th 2009
Labor Day Weekend

Time: 3:00 pm *sharp* (please arrive at 2:30)
Location: St. Monica's Parish
Address: 725 California Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90403
Ph: (310) 566-1500

Time: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am (If you arrive early no worries, they will direct you to the Lobby bar)
Location: The Sheraton Delfina
Room: Penthouse Ballroom
Address: 530 Pico Boulevard Santa Monica, California 90405
Ph: (310) 399-9344

To: LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
When: 9/4 arrival (one day early, flights are often delayed)

Sheraton Delfina (888) 627-8532
Seashore Motel (310) 392-2787
Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel (866) 563-9792
Shutters on the Beach (800) 334-9000

Crate and Barrel - under Melissa Marriott or John Vassallo
Bed Bath & Beyond - under Melissa Marriott or John Vassallo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's another 20 hours?

John and I have been working like crazy lately!

In addition to all the wedding craziness I got a promotion of sorts which has turned out to be way more of a workload increase than I thought it would be. I say "of sorts" because I'm not sure if I can call it a promotion. Usually when you get promoted they hand off the job you were doing and move you into something else right? Well in my case it is really a second job on top of what I was doing already. But such is life in a Bush-fallout economy. I am loving it though. More responsibility, new duties, learning lots, and loving it. I have been wanting to branch out more, professionally, for a while and this was a perfect opportunity for me to do so.

John is knee deep in Chipmunk land. He has been on overtime for a while now working on Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 ...... the Squeakquel ..... yes. hahaha He has been working late most nights and on Saturdays. So far he has avoided working Sundays but we aren't holding our breath that that will last. He's liking the project and they are giving him good shots though so at least he is enjoying it.

So yeah, between the two of us I think we are working about 115 hours a week. A little crazy but we are happy to have the work considering the state of the world lately. All I can say though ..... THANK GOD I didn't take a class this semester. I think I would die!

P.S. speaking of school, it turns out I did finish my degree. Just waiting for them to send it to me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Its in the Mail"

After a weekend of bow-tieing I sent out a huge box full of invites today. Keep your eyes peeled for them. If you don't receive one in the next week and think you should have please let me know.

Many of you may be visiting this site for the first time after receiving your invite. We did not put registry information on the invites themselves in hopes that we could get you to check out our blog. This will be the same blog we will use after the wedding and we would love it if you continued to check in with us as the years progress.

So anyways ... here is your dangled carrot.
Crate and Barrel - under Melissa Marriott or John Vassallo
Bed Bath & Beyond - under Melissa Marriott or John Vassallo

We are also more than happy to receive monitary gifts.... DUH haha :)