Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's another 20 hours?

John and I have been working like crazy lately!

In addition to all the wedding craziness I got a promotion of sorts which has turned out to be way more of a workload increase than I thought it would be. I say "of sorts" because I'm not sure if I can call it a promotion. Usually when you get promoted they hand off the job you were doing and move you into something else right? Well in my case it is really a second job on top of what I was doing already. But such is life in a Bush-fallout economy. I am loving it though. More responsibility, new duties, learning lots, and loving it. I have been wanting to branch out more, professionally, for a while and this was a perfect opportunity for me to do so.

John is knee deep in Chipmunk land. He has been on overtime for a while now working on Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 ...... the Squeakquel ..... yes. hahaha He has been working late most nights and on Saturdays. So far he has avoided working Sundays but we aren't holding our breath that that will last. He's liking the project and they are giving him good shots though so at least he is enjoying it.

So yeah, between the two of us I think we are working about 115 hours a week. A little crazy but we are happy to have the work considering the state of the world lately. All I can say though ..... THANK GOD I didn't take a class this semester. I think I would die!

P.S. speaking of school, it turns out I did finish my degree. Just waiting for them to send it to me.

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