Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mission accomplished. The tux order has been placed. Woo!

We went to The Mens Warehouse today and finalized everything after doing a little shopping around. The Mens Warehouse wasn't exactly the greatest place ever but after being shown a mix-matched tux with coffee stains that had to have been dry cleaned a million times at another place we realize the MW really wasn't too bad. They certainly had better quality for the money than that other place and it will just be easiest for those who need to order from out of town.

The order is placed under John's name and I will post the group number later this week when they send it to us. Groomsmen and Dads can go to any Mens Warehouse to get measured. The pick up date is about 2 days before the event. You have the option to pick them up at the location here in Santa Monica or you can pick yours up in your home city. After the wedding you can return them here or in your home city. I suggest pick up in Santa Monica and return in Santa Monica if you are an out of towner. Just easier and you won't have to risk your tux to the craziness of airport travel.

Can't wait to see all you guys suited and booted! :)

To smoke or not to smoke?

The answer would be "no".

We met with the hotel again this last week which was really fun. I love going over there to see the space. It makes me all excited every time I see it.

A few people were wondering if there was a smoking area or a place to indulge in a celebratory cigar at the reception location. Unfortunately Santa Monica is a very smoke-free area. There is a city ordinance which makes it illegal to smoke within 25 feet of a public building. Due to this there is a smoking area but it is down 10 floors, all the way outside of the hotel, and in some back alley a million miles away from the ballroom.

My apologies to all the smokers. As you can imagine, being an ex-smoker who occasionally cracks under old habits, I am personally grateful for this policy but I do wish we could accommodate those who wished to share a smoke later in the evening.

P.S. Smoking anything else *ahem* on the hotel grounds could get our event shut down. Doubtful you would want to be "that guy" sorry.