Sunday, May 10, 2009

To smoke or not to smoke?

The answer would be "no".

We met with the hotel again this last week which was really fun. I love going over there to see the space. It makes me all excited every time I see it.

A few people were wondering if there was a smoking area or a place to indulge in a celebratory cigar at the reception location. Unfortunately Santa Monica is a very smoke-free area. There is a city ordinance which makes it illegal to smoke within 25 feet of a public building. Due to this there is a smoking area but it is down 10 floors, all the way outside of the hotel, and in some back alley a million miles away from the ballroom.

My apologies to all the smokers. As you can imagine, being an ex-smoker who occasionally cracks under old habits, I am personally grateful for this policy but I do wish we could accommodate those who wished to share a smoke later in the evening.

P.S. Smoking anything else *ahem* on the hotel grounds could get our event shut down. Doubtful you would want to be "that guy" sorry.

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