Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Wedding Party

Introducing the dirty dozen (if you count John and I). Danger Flammable!

Landra Dulin - Maid of Dishonor, world traveler, burning woman and sister by another mister.

Kacey Karp - Roller-Bridesmaid, the muscle of the operation, head bodyguard and B52 Wingman.

Kristy Snape - Always the bridesmaid and bride at the same time! My cohort in planning and sounding board for all things wedding.

Ryann Crofoot - Dance instructor bridesmaid, style icon, dark room wiggler and queen of being badass.

Adine Lee - Bridesmaid and counselor of cute, representing the girly side and keeping it fun when the shit's flyin'.

Mark Vassallo - Best man... ever. Comedic relief, the musical speech-giver, reptile whisperer and acrobatic ninja.

Dave Paine - Groomsman, Dj, shark swimmer, the other half to John's epic battle on the court and lover of all things Philly.

Andrew Marriott - Groomsman, the red haired bandit, Seattle rep, digital pinball wizard and he who is in desperate need of a new online photo.

Paul Rojas - Groomsman, Dj, encyclopedia of hip hop, go-to-guy, everything-man. We give him a pass for being a Lakers fan because he's that cool.

Brian Singbiel - Red carpet groomsman, film clipper, movie maker. He has BIG friends, watch out!

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Origami Dreams said...

thats funny. what a crew.