Monday, March 9, 2009

Registry #1

At the risk of sounding completely tacky I must note that John and I would love nothing more than a pile of checks for wedding gifts considering we are saving for a house but we realize that is a bit impersonal and a lot of people won't feel comfortable giving money. Knowing this we started registering for gifts this weekend....

You can find it here
or just go to click on gift registry up at the top, then type in my name "Melissa Marriott" or "John Vassallo" and it will bring up our registry. You can purchase online or at any of their stores. They will ship directly to us which is good for all you out of towners. We will also be registering elsewhere TBD.

We actually had a really awesome day on Sunday. First we woke up late and got lost in east LA trying to find our florists' location. Kacey drove me last time so I was all turned around. Once we got there he had our centerpiece sample ready. We made a few small changes, signed all the contracts and gave him the deposit. *dusts off hands* One more thing off the list!

After the florist we decided to head over to Pasadena as we were already over by Dodger Stadium. We had an awesome lunch at an Italian Bistro on Colorado St. called Mi Piace

With food in our bellies we were ready to knock another to-do off the list. We headed over to Crate and Barrel down the street to create our first registry. I can only speak for myself because I don't think John fully understood the concept or really wanted to ponder over the perfect wine flute but I had a friggin blast. I was running around that place with the scanner like a 12 year old boy at a laser tag arena. Later once we got home I deleted some of the items because I realized I don't really need every size of wooden spoon they had. haha!

After that John bought a pair of shoes and we got some of the best Italian ice cream ever! To quote Ice Cube - hell yeah it was a good day. We made some progress on the wedding front this weekend and made a really nice afternoon out of it.

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Fabulously un Fabulous said...

At least you get to play with the register gun. Corey told me I'm not allowed to =( Something about it's his turn to play with the toys, or something like that ;o)