Friday, April 30, 2010

Happier Posts

See .. I told you! haha on to happier posts.

Here are some pics I realize I haven't put up yet. They are from about a month ago but I will catch up. Better to keep things as chronological as possible I guess. I will try to write a brief explanation for them as well.

This was taken from the rooftop patio just outside our hotel room. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was the most amazing sunset. The lighting hitting the clouds made the whole sky look ablaze.

People really like to paint their cars here. We see them all the time. So weird. I feel like I'm living in Fremont or something. Anyways, this one was particularly amazing. Please note the handmade antennae affixed to the roof. Um yeah .... and its on your team.

Sydney has so many beeeeeeautiful parks. This was taken in Hyde park which is the equivalent to Central Park. Its right next to the CBD (central business district) and is one of my favorite places to read, and John's to draw.
This photo is the beginning in a saga ending with me scrubbing Sydney's red light district off my bare feet.. as you can see above John and I took a long walk around town one day. This photo was taken in Circular Quay which I have since learned is pronounced Circular "KEY". This is the area of Sydney where all of the ferries and cruise ships come to dock.

Here we are looking all couple-y in front of the opera house. Don't mind the wikked tan lines. They are better now :)

One of the highlights of the day .... giant cheese ball. Holy NOM!

We kept walking to the other side of Circular Quay where there is a great view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge aka "The Coat Hanger"

Around the next bend we came up on the Opera House. Such cool architecture.

I decided to to take a few artsy fartsy shots.

.. and a shot of Farm Cove. I jog around this part of the Botanic Gardens when I have the energy. There is a path that winds around the cove here. Our apartment is just on the other side of that far hill.

And then ....

my sandal broke.

As you know, once your flip flop breaks there is no limping around on it. Its just done. No sense in trying. As I mentioned our house is on the other side of that far hill in the previous photo. At this time we were still at the hotel which is one hill beyond that and happened to be located in the middle of the red light district, a neighborhood good for entertainment but not exactly the place I wanted to be walking around barefoot.

The first part of the journey wasn't so bad because I could walk on the grass through the botanic gardens. Once we got to the Finger Warf near our place now we decided to cab it back to the hotel. The cabby got stuck in a one way area and couldn't turn around easily. Instead of paying the guy a million bucks to take us door to door John said for him to drop us off, in the middle of Kings Cross = YUCK. I had to walk about three blocks without shoes through some nasty back alley coated in 20 years of bum piss and frat boy barf. I immediately jumped in the shower upon arrival. HA HA :P

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