Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Michigan

Melissa and I just got back from our week long trip to the frozen midwest. We had a great time hanging out with my family. We had a full schedule of things to do. We went to The Henry Ford Museum to see a bunch of historic cars, trains and other artifacts like the rocking chair Lincoln was assassinated in. We saw a Piston game from a suite in the Palace thanks to my good friend Ryan Pretzer. We had Christmas Eve dinner with the Garity side of my family at my uncle Phil's house. There were even some movies and a trip to Greektown thrown in there too! It was a great trip and we were so thankful for all the hospitality and the good times we got to share with everyone. We are looking forward to 2009 and wish everybody a happy and healthy holiday season!

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Beth said...

Glad you two had such a great family holiday trip! Love the pics, John! You two look so damn good together! :)
All the best to you two in 2009! Looking forward to the Big Day - geesh! might not see you til then since my #1 daughter will soon be calling Seattle home [when she's done gallivanting around SE Asia] Beth XO