Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Date Has Been Set! *September 5th 2009*

We met with monsignor at St. Monica's parish for the first time on Friday. We attended one of their marriage introductory meetings a while back but this was the first time we had actually met with him one-on-two. He is a wonderful man. John put it perfectly when he said "he reminds me that there are still good people in the world". Rarely do I see someone so well suited for their role in life. He is so friendly, willing to help anyone at any time and makes you really feel like a part of the family. That is why I love our parish. My hope is that our guests who are not religious or members of other faiths will feel this as well because we all really are a part of one family.

At that meeting we set our date for Saturday September 5th 2009. The ceremony will be at St. Monica's parish at 3:00pm.

This is the Saturday during Labor Day Weekend. We chose this long weekend for a few reasons. For one thing, we have two people in our wedding party who are directly effected by school starting after Labor Day. One of whom is John's brother Mark, who not only needs to fly from Michigan to LA but also has to drive from the upper peninsula (aka Siberia) to Detroit to catch his flight which is a day of driving each way.

Unfortunately prices for flights and hotels may be a little higher due to the holiday but we think our out of town guests will benefit from having the extra day to travel. Not to worry, we will be researching group accommodations at a few hotels and packaged travel fares for everyone. Our local guests will also have an additional day to enjoy their weekend without wedding craziness or just detox from the bar at our reception ;).

All in all I hope our choice of this date will prove a wise one and a good excuse for a mini-vacation or extended celebration for all. I am sure there will be plenty of fun things to do in the area that weekend. We will come up with some fun post-wedding activities which should make for even more memories to take home.

Bonus: We will have Labor Day weekend to celebrate our anniversary every year!!!

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