Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now for something completely different

So! ...

Where to I begin?

Here's the short of it and I will continue from there.

Basically John got a job working on a movie in Sydney Australia. We have wanted to live abroad for a while now and have discussed the possibility many times so when this came up we went "well... no kids, no mortgage, why the hell not??!"

Why have I not posted about this sooner you ask? Because basically we have only had 2 weeks to quit our jobs, pack up our life, throw everything into storage, and move to another country neither of us have ever been to. haha

Wheew! Do yourself a favor. When moving to another country give yourself more than 2 weeks to pull it all together.

So as of now we are in Seattle to drop my car off with my parents who have generously offered to store it while we are away. We had a great little road trip that we do not care to repeat (exhausting) and fly out from here on Sunday.

More to come...

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