Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ok NOW it has hit me

John always jokes about my having to do everything 110%, sometimes to my own detriment. On the flip side this has been part of the basis for a pretty good work ethic on my part if I do say so. Sometimes I slack, like everyone else, but it doesn't last long. I've always had at least one job, if not two and classes like I did in high school. The longest I have ever been without a job since I was 14 and a half was 2 weeks in 2000 when I discovered I was only hired to run my boss' business for a month while she went on holiday in Cambodia. Fortunately she put me in touch with PromoShop which I then stayed with for the 10 years following while Dj'ing or finishing my AA degree.

Needless to say the present moment is a new reality for me.

Here I sit in our hotel room preemptively tidying up while waiting for the maid to come by (my cue to go for a jog) after John went off to work. Can you say you are a housewife if you are still staying at a hotel? Not sure. Either way the fact that I didn't head off to my own 9-5 (or 8 - 9) this morning was a little weird.

Up until this point it really has just felt like we were on vacation. John's been off and aside from the whole finding and apartment thing which was a real bear, we haven't had to do much besides go explore our new city. Now that he's back at work I feel like I duped everyone into thinking I was sick or that my own work is on some company specific holiday. I feel like I should be back at PromoShop sitting at my desk, sipping my third americano, and listening to Pandora. Which, by the way, you can't listen to in Australia! ARG! Apparently there is a licensing issue. I'm so pissed but that's another story...

So yeah ... PromoShop. So friggin strange that I am not there right now. It was such a part of my life for so long I don't know if I have totally separated my brain yet. I mean I didn't do anything in my whole life longer than I worked there. Not grade school, not Dj'ing, nothing. I watched everyone's kids grow up, people get married, clients pass away, it was really like an alternate family in a way, and really you can't just resign from your family. I am sure there are a few people there who think I bailed for an adventure and they will never see me again but its not that easy. I still keep in touch with Carlos daily and have been sending emails to a bunch of my other peeps. It just doesn't feel right not to talk to them every day.

I am pretty sure I will be looking for work down here in a month or so. Something part time or even volunteer maybe. I had grand plans of reading in the park every day and being a "lady of leisure" as John likes to say, but I think at some point that little voice in my head will tell me I need to be more productive. However, in the meantime I am on the brink of finishing two books I had been working on for over a year. Ah free time, how I have missed you :)

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