Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have ARRIVED!

Well we made it! After a very long flight we are now in the land of Oz.

The flight wasn't too terrible. I have a problem with turbulence. It kinda freaks me out. But we were on a very large 747 which made the bumps and jolts more of a rocking and rolling motion. Not too bad. In fact afterward I kind of had sea legs even. Well, that and sticky legs considering I went and knocked over an entire glass or apple juice into my lap about an hour before landing.

When we got off my pants were dry but a little sticky and uncomfortable. Thankfully I wore black. Customs went quickly and they had a very efficient line for taxi service but by the time we got in the car we were feeling pretty disgusting after lugging our bags around in the heat. It is hot here. Not scalding but definitely still summer. Its more humid here than LA but temperature-wise about the same.

Driving on the other side of the road is a trip but like most people will tell you, you kind of get over it after a couple of hours. We had a little trouble finding our hotel. Our cab driver ended up backing down a one way street in front of our hotel and because there were lots of bags in the back he didn't notice the giant pole in his way. He slammed right into it. We thought he had hit another car which would have been worse. Its kind of funny now because every time we leave the hotel we are reminded by the shrapnel laying in the street.

The worst thing (which really wasn't that bad) is that when we rolled up to our hotel tired, oily, disheveled and sticky they didn't have our room ready yet. We had to wait another couple of hours because we got there before checkout. Fortunately we were in a brand new place with plenty to see so occupying our time, even when looking like crap, wasn't too hard. The area we are in is very cute an Euro looking. It seems like kind of a venice-capitol hill type of area. Lots of young people and travelers. Our hotel is really nice and plenty of room for us for now.

As you can see from the above image they REALLY like cars that are one part car and one part something else. At the airport we saw a straight up chop lob where the front was a sedan and the back was a minivan. So weird.

Ok gotta run. Will write more tonight. Time to go get a bank account and new cell phone :)

p.s. there is lawn bowling on TV right now. WTF?!?!?

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Yoda said...

yes lawn bowling! As big a sport there as curling is in Canada?